Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Birthday Tribute to My Dear Wife, Maura

Happy 28th Birthday, Maura….

Exactly 10 years ago, I took Maura out on a date for her 18th Birthday. We had a nice meal at Oliver Garden, then we drove to the Portland Temple, were we walked around the temple grounds. I gave her a beautiful gold bracelet and we had a long talk. 

Each year her birthday rolls around, I think of that particular birthday/date, one because it was the first we spent together, and second It is on that night that I fell in love with Maura Dunn.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Maura, I highly recommend you do. I’ve never met a more genuine, caring soul. She is not carnal in anyway and holds no grudges against others. She has absolutely changed my life and eternal existence. 

As a goofy and loud teen, she didn’t like me at first. I was a little eccentric, but she saw my potential. When junior year rolled around and I began to mature, she and I became friends. We enjoyed spending time together. We especially enjoyed long walks and talks. Though very shy at the time, she always had positive things to say. She let me do all of the talking mostly, which neither of us minded. :)

 Our love blossomed from there, and I cherish all of the wonderful memories and long talks we have had since then.

Maura has a deeply rooted testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are few people in the world that you can look at and say, that person will dwell in God’s presence one day. Though only 28, in my eyes, she is a women destined for heaven’s gate. She may be petite and soft spoken, but there is not a more faithful and valiant saint than my dear wife, Maura. 

Maura has an ability to look at others and see their greatness and potential. She took a huge chance on me, and has taught me to see my potential.  I can’t express enough how much I appreciate her for her faith me, especially at times when I lost faith in myself. 

Everyone knows that Maura is musical. It is a subject that gets her talking. Her eyes light up as she talks about a favorite concert or a favorite song. She comes out of her shell on stage where she unleashes a beautiful high soprano voice that stuns the crowd. She is very modest about her amazing musical talents, but she truly has a voice that would cause the angels in heaven to pause and listen. 

Maura has a deeply spiritual connection with music. She loves teaching the children music. In addition to the 14 private music students and 2 group music classes she teaches weekly, she is also the children’s chorister at church. She is in her “happy place” with that responsibility. 

As I said before, Maura is not carnal in anyway whatsoever. Maura grew up in a home of thriftiness and careful spending. I thank Maura’s mother for instilling in her that desire to scrimp and save for a rainy day. In our short time of marriage, we have experienced many rainy days. Recently it has felt like a monsoon, since I have changed careers. 

If everyone in this world could have a mother of choice, I would recommend Maura. Her children love her. There is no denying that. They trust her, because she would never do anything to harm them. I hope one day, when our children are grown and out of the house, they will hold great appreciation for the wonderful mother they had. I have those tender feelings for my mother. 

Having spent 10 birthdays with my Maura, I have only just begun to discover the heavenly child that she is. When I need someone Christ-like to follow, I look to Maura, because she is always looking to Christ. 

Happy Birthday, Maura. 



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